…as an experiment.

Posting up the origin storyline to Wattpad for reading and comment.

Chapters 1 to 3 currently available – more if there’s an interest.

To read: https://www.wattpad.com/story/76064865-bulletproof-nylon-the-brotherhood



The Way Forward…

I’ve come a long way with Bulletproof Nylon over the past five years.
What began as a hastily put together short story, based around a rough central idea of pulpesque, Lucha vigilante heroes, Bettie Page inspired heroines and alternative nineteen fifties America, has become something vast, encompassing every interest and passion that swims, unbidden, around the creative oceans of my mind.
I have just emerged from a self imposed three week planning initiative, instigated to draw together the many disparate strands which, although adding to the whole BPN project, needed fine tuning and polish to make them fit seamlessly into the grander scheme.
I had some strong interest in the concept from a major American pulp publisher, who suggested that I should write a BPN ‘bible’ from which prospective collaborators could align their own tales, set in the varied universe surrounding the central story. An excellent suggestion that set in motion the current direction of the project.
Having completed the outline, and an episodic timeline, I realised that the project had moved into so many areas, and become so large a beast, that the original three prose novels and subsequent graphic novel I’d planned were unworkable.
Bulletproof Nylon now stands, after weeks of plotting and fine tuning, as a ten, prose novel story arc.
This series will form a ‘skeleton’, upon which the other sub projects surrounding the concept (graphic novels, illustrated short stories, pin up prints etc.) will hang.
I realised also that the main drive of the project was not specifically a ‘pulp’ drive – rather, that my own creative engine had produced BPN as a vehicle to explore my own interests, in my own unchecked way. For this reason, and the fact that the books will be completed to an irregular schedule, with more than a touch of the ‘surreal’, creeping into the later volumes, I felt it would be unfair on both me and the publisher to expect either of us to make allowances for the project.
Bulletproof is a strange creature. It is formed from equal parts Beckett, Pinter, Kurosawa, Doc Savage and The Shadow. It pays homage to the early paperback authors of the Forties and Fifties who embraced the medium and produced the formative roots of a new age of freedom in publishing. It touches the ground occupied by the Batmans of this world, and the underground fetish digests of a long forgotten age.
So, work has begun on the first volume of the ten volume arc… And if you like the thought of a vigilante Bettie Page standing side by side with Batman in a Blade Runneresque retro future, as written by a hybrid scribe forged from the bones of Kafka, Lovecraft and George G Gilman, then you might just enjoy…

Herb Trimpe

Being part of the ‘Family Aces’ has been an honour.
To share a stage with such talent is the stuff dreams are made of.
And some talents eclipse the rest… It is the way of things.
Herb Trimpe was one of those.
The guy who first showed us who Wolverine was, was a burning flame few could match.
He has gone now… And the world will be a little darker for his passing.


We want a Howler Sequel…

By far my favourite Dredd tale… HOWLER by Mike McMahon.

Pushed the boundaries like nothing before it, and I would love to see a straight sequel, in the same modernist style that so enamoured me to the original!

As an homage, before plunging into Bulletproof Nylon, here’s a little riff on the angular Dredd of HOWLER… Art produced on iPad… Finished in Photoshop.

image imageA traditional style white background – cos we can!

p.s. If Mick is busy… I am available!

Early things…

In preparing for the relaunch of BPN, I reclaimed the shreds of ideas that would eventually form the tale as you see it now.
Initially, inspired by Rafael Navarro’s marvellous ‘Sonambulo’ comic, Archangel, and his accomplice, The Viper were heavily based on the Luchadore wrestlers of Mexico.
I subsequently decided on dropping the concept, as my poor knowledge on the whole area of Lucha seemed to devalue the idea to a mere whim.
For posterity, however, here are the few, earliest concept designs from the projects inception back in 2010.
These were to accompany the first story I ever conceived for the project… ‘Circus of Storms’… Over the years the tale has evolved and changed, and is now the prologue segment to the longer ‘The Death Dolls of Dr Cairo’.





il vespula



Still available as at beginning of April 2015. Just under half left…

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24 full colour A4 pages

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Final illustration!!!!

just about on schedule… I really wanted an old-time pulp feel to this illo which accompanies the first part of the origin story ‘The Brotherhood of Adam’… didn’t come easy… blood, sweat and tears!!!!

 For Clivo, this one… ‘cos I just know he’s gonna love it! 😉


Now into July and the Megacon is looming…

all stories written and ready to go…

everything on track with the illustrations, but might have to curtail the amount of posts until beginning of August…

in the meantime here’s a couple I prepared earlier… today, that is!