Early things…

In preparing for the relaunch of BPN, I reclaimed the shreds of ideas that would eventually form the tale as you see it now.
Initially, inspired by Rafael Navarro’s marvellous ‘Sonambulo’ comic, Archangel, and his accomplice, The Viper were heavily based on the Luchadore wrestlers of Mexico.
I subsequently decided on dropping the concept, as my poor knowledge on the whole area of Lucha seemed to devalue the idea to a mere whim.
For posterity, however, here are the few, earliest concept designs from the projects inception back in 2010.
These were to accompany the first story I ever conceived for the project… ‘Circus of Storms’… Over the years the tale has evolved and changed, and is now the prologue segment to the longer ‘The Death Dolls of Dr Cairo’.





il vespula

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