Curriculum Vitae

I am a self taught author/illustrator based in the far north of England, on the edge of the beautiful Lake District.

After a decade long sabbatical from the field of illustration, I returned to my enduring interest in 2011 – the key moments since, are listed below.

Most of the work I have produced over the last couple of years can be found exclusively in the digital pages of:

David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly

Photo 19-09-2012 18 49 00http://www.acesweekly.co.uk/

The creator of the seminal V for Vendetta has formulated a digital comic model, which attempts to serve the role of the traditional weekly that, once upon a time, could be found in great numbers across newsagents shelves the length and breadth of Britain.
It is a worthy cause, filled with magnificent sequential tales from creators both old and new, familiar and fresh.
Details of my own contributions, in Volumes 9, 12 and 13, appear below, but trust me when I say that you could spend a pound far less wisely every week!


pieces of colour cover final
Pieces of Colour : The Colour Art of Mal Earl 1996-2011
Covering fifteen years of self taught digital colouring, a 96 page retrospective of the best pieces.
Full colour A4 format.



Bulletproof Nylon – Pulp Fiction Magazine
Formatted to emulate the two column pulps of the 30’s to the 50s’, this book will be superseded by the publications this year.
52 pages of pulse pounding action and illustration that launched the ideas and characters soon to be seen in David Lloyds Aces weekly.
In the spirit of nostalgia and whimsy, and due to the fact that some of the illustrations within shall never be seen again, it shall remain available… as the seed from which everything else followed.


August 2012 Carlisle Megacon
Owen Michael Johnson is a force of nature. Look up Raygun Roads and Beast Wagon to see why!
Back in 2012 he urged me to attend the Megacon that he was organising at Carlisle, whilst he worked at the local Waterstones.
It’s safe to say that everything that has happened since, with regard to my return to illustration and comics, stems from him.
After that original meeting he asked me to produce a promotional poster for a book he was working on… the rest, as they say, is history.

owens print 300dpi finished

Poster Design/Art – Who on Earth Was Thaddeus Mist



bound cover


72 page retrospective collection of small press comic work.
Comic strips from 1994 to 2013 unseen since their original appearances in the publications of the British Small Press heyday. Black and White A4 format.


October 2013 Lakes Comic Art Festival Kendal

One of the highlights of the last few years.




Battenburg: A Tale of the Undead King – Will Vigar/Borderline Press

It was a long time coming and the book itself was replete with problems but the strip I produced, a six page surreal ditty in black and white, still pleases me.




Aces Weekly Volume 9

Bullhawk – The Alleyman Affair
The Great War is over.
London sits in the grip of guilt and bitterness.
The elite continue their lives, in many cases, untouched by the shrapnel of battle, while those who occupied the trenches attempt to return to stability, to home.
Into this clouded arena ‘The Alleyman’ has come. A serial killer, who preys upon the debutante flappers who think themselves untouchable.
And who is The Bullhawk?


cover lies
Lies and Other Fools

7” vinyl launch at Manchesters Dry Bar

Words by Kermit Leveridge. Read by Howard Marks. Sleeve design and label by Mal Earl
After meeting Kermit at the Lakes festival, we talked about creating a ‘graphic poem’ – an illustrated head trip – attempting to capture the confusion and emotion conveyed by Kermit’s words.
After a good start, and a successful launch of the poem read by Howard Marks the project stalled, as Kermit prepared to launch a new band ‘Blind Arcade’.
Currently sitting in limbo, with no obvious course, I still feel that Lies has a power unlike anything I have produced before or since. Hopefully it will find itself again one day, and reach completeness.
Some of the designs are available as prints from here:



Aces Weekly Volume 12 and 13

My father died some months prior to Scars, and the tale is a long reflection on cruelty, isolation and the ultimate need to move on with our short, short time on this planet.
Though I still have no answers to some of the questions raised by going down the Scars road, I am totally happy that they would have no bearing upon my life whatsoever.
A psychological saga in 45 pages.


Bulletproof Nylon

Lakes International Comic Art Festival Kendal Limited Edition Primer

A prestige colour primer to re launch the world of Bulletproof Nylon.
Limited to 50 copies.




Is She Available

Igor Goldkind
I was honoured to be asked to contribute to the multi platform beast that is ‘Is She…’
I would be hard pressed to explain exactly what the project is, other than that it is groundbreaking.
Personally, to see my work appearing alongside the likes of David Lloyd, Bill Scienkiewicz, Liam Sharp, Shaky Kane, Rian Hughes et al, is simply beyond words. Recommended.



Tales of Westernoir Issue 2

Accent Comics
10 page Jim Wilson Tale
Lure For A Monster


2015 is my year to push BPN into being all that it can be…

A BPN strip is scheduled for Volume 19 of Aces Weekly.

An American pulp publisher is keen to get BPN novels out into the world…

Illustrated text stories will appear on this site throughout the year, and some surprises toward Christmas time will hopefully keep you entertained.

Welcome to the world of BPN.


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