So here we are finally – twelve plus years after creating this ever growing saga that is BPN.

For those unfamiliar with the concept:

What started as a swiftly cobbled together vigilante tale of Mexican Luchadore back in 2010, swiftly mutated into a 1950s adventure tale of Bettie Page inspired superheroics in a west coast USA of the imagination.

By 2016 I’d launched a ’burlesquenoir pulp adventure’ magazine and begun to feel that the tales could best be served by a location and era change – to an alternative London of the 1960s!

(Some of the history of the project is in the previous posts on this very blog.)


The current, final iteration is far closer to my heart, and in a ‘nutshell pitch’ might be described as Steed and Mrs Peel meets Blade Runner as written by H P Lovecraft.

I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoy the creation.

I’ve chosen to make the saga totally free to read to anyone who might be interested; so all you need do to avoid missing an episode is pop your email in the box at:

…and I’ll send you updates as they’re posted every friday – straight to your inbox.

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